Quickscan rules


Squash is a racket game. The players hit a small rubber ball against the front wall above the “Tin” and within the "out-of court" lines, attempting to score points by hitting the ball in such a way that the opponent cannot return it before it bounces twice.


The game


When a good serve is delivered, the opposing side attempts to return the serve. Hits continue to alternate from side to side until the rally is over.


The rally stops when:


  • The ball is hit above the red “out" lines.
  • The ball is hit on or under the “Tin”. The ball is called “down”.
  • The ball bounces twice before it is hit, or hits your racket twice. The ball is called “not up”.


A “Toss” decides who is to serve.



The serve

At the beginning of a game, and when a receiver becomes a server, the server may choose to serve from either “service box”. Part of one foot must be on the floor in the service box, without touching the line.


The served ball must strike the front wall between the “cut-line” and the “out” line (and afterwards possibly the side wall). The ball must reach the “quarter court “ opposite the server’s box without touching the lines 1 and 2.


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Making a return

The receiver may position himself anywhere on court as long as he is not interfering. The best spot is in the middle of the “quarter court”. He can return the ball with a volley (without a bounce) or after a bounce. Defend by hitting a high ball in the back of the court. Attack with a fast / low return.



Squash is played using rally point scoring.

If you win a rally you score a point and you are to serve (again). If you’re to serve again, you must change service box.

The first to reach 11 points wins the game. At the score 10-10 the game continues until one player reaches a 2 point lead.

 The match is won by the first to win three games. (Best of 5 games)

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“Stroke”, “let” or “no let”

  • If, your opponent is blokking the ball's path towards the front wall ( inside the triangle; ball-frontwall) don't play the ball. You will receive a "stroke". In other words, you win the rally and score a point.
  • If your opponent is just outside the triangle, (and you're afraid to hit him) stop and play a "let".
  • If , while attempting to strike the ball, your opponent is to close, stop the rally. You will receive a “stroke” ( score for you) when he is within you swing reach
    (see picture below ).
  • You receive a “let” (replay) if you are afraid to hit your opponent (with the ball) while he is giving you enough space to make the swing.


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 If the striker follows the ball and turns around his axis before he hits the ball, it’s called “turning”. Stop, don’t hit the ball, a “let” will be played. (you’ve lost site of the ball / your opponent, and it’s to dangerous to hit the ball. You might hit your opponent).


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