Quick Scan Badminton rules

What do you need?

  • Racket
  • Sports clothes.
  • Shuttles
. There are shuttles for beginners wich are made of nylon. And feather shuttles for advanced players. 


The badmintoncourt looks like this:

The badminton court is 13,40 meter long en 6,10 meter wide. The net is 155 cm high.

In the image on the left side the double court is displayed in gray ( long and wide) and the service area is displayed in darker gray (short and wide).On the right side the single court is displayed in gray(long and narrow) and the service area in darker gray(narrow and long).

Types of games

Badminton has 5 different types of games:

Men’s singles (MS)

Women’s singles (WS)

Men’s doubles (MD)

Women’s doubles (WD)

Mixed doubles  (MXD).


The game starts with a toss. He winner can choose from the following options:

  • To serve or receive or
  • On which side of the net to start.

The opponent can choose from the options left open. For example: if the winner of the toss chooses to serve, the only choice left open is which side to receive the serve.

At the core 0-0 and every other even score the serve is taken from the right service area. At every odd score the service is to be taken from the left service area. After each score the service is to be taken from the other service area.


The service in general:

  • Needs to be played underarm (racket under wrist)
  • Needs to be played diagonal in the correct service area.
  • Needs to be played with both feet on the ground.
  • Needs to be played without feet touching the service lines.

Service singles

  • Each player has got one service turn 
  • In one service turn no or more points can be scored
  • If a foul is made by the server, the service goes to the opponent and he receives 1 point


Service doubles

  • Each team has got a service turn
  • At an even score the service is to be taken from the right side.
  • In one service turn no ore more points can be scored
  • You only switch from service side if you ( or your partner ) score a point.

Service and court singles

Speelveld enkelspel

Service and court doubles

Speelveld dubbelspel

Underarm: the racket(blade) needs to be under the wrist.



A match is played using the rally point system.  So each time a foul occurs or the shuttle hits the deck a point is scored. The match is played to win two games of each 21 points. Each game should be won with at least 2 points difference, with a maximum of 30 points. The one who reaches 30 points first is the winner.

You score a point when...

  • the shuttle hits the deck on your oponents side
  • your oponent hits the shuttle in or under the net, against the ceiling / walls or outside your half of the court.
  • your oponent hits the shuttle before it passes the net.
  • your oponents hits the shuttle twice in a row.


A let is played when an unforeseen situation occurs, i.e. when a shuttle from another court drops in yours.

Official badminton rules


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